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In  waterfall Enjoy the ride As a local here in Silay i always visit Brgy. Patag. A small village  nestled in the foothills of Mt. Mandalagan and Mt. Marapara. Approximately 490 above sea level. It is called “Patag” because the area is flat. The place is perfect  for nature enthusiast and outdoor buffs. Its fresh and cold temperature will entice you to keep coming back. Flora and fauna is abundant in the whole area. If you are traveling from the city proper it may takes 2 to 3hrs. The long and winding road makes you catch your breath as if you were riding a roller coaster when you go up to the mountain. Patag is the last frontier of the Japanese soldiers during World War II. Almost 6,000 Japanese soldiers died in its wilderness and serve as war memorial.Where to stay:*Silay Outdoor and Recreation Area: Its always the choice of the most because it is the nearest and the safest area. The area is guarded by Brgy. Police the whole day. In night time they are not accommodating outsiders who are not logged in there log book. The place is always the venue of Jamborees and other big gatherings. The kitchen is very large that it can cater everybody. With an entrance of PHP 10.00, swimming is PHP 30.00 . When you want to rent a room they are charging PHP 80.00 per head. But if you want to save more you can bring your tent and pay PHP 50.00 per day. You can set up your tent at the field, function hall or anywhere at your convenience. Silay Outdoor and Recreation Area is an abandoned hospital.You can also checkout about this from oocities

It is the hospital built for Japanese soldiers during World War II. Warning: becareful many experienced ghost stories in that place but luckily i was not one of them. By the way the whole are is wonderful and the staff is accommodating and approachable. Lastly, you can also visit the Japanese Shrine its a nice place just around the area. Also a war artifact at the entrance awaits you when you visit.                                                 At Silay Outdoor and recreation area* Ladlad Resort: The resort is located at the foothills so if your from the hospital you need to take a walk atleast 15mins. They have different types of  rooms depends on what you want or you can rent a house. Cottages is also available it range from PHP 250.00 to PHP 500.00. If you are a budget conscious you can bring your tent and pay PHP 100.00 per day. The entrance is PHP 20.00 , pool is PHP 20.00. But, i cannot guarantee bout the safety. I’ve stay at ladlad several times and luckily nothing happens and nothing stolen from me. I am saying this because there tent don’t have a fence so any body can mingle with you. Also the tent area has no light the last time i visit it so if night time you need to bring your flashlight. The place is much colder at night than at hospital because it is elevated area. At early 5pm the fog already occupying the area so be careful not to go everywhere if you are not familiar with the place.                                                          Ladlad Resort (old Photo)*Elen Resort: It is a resort before the Ladlad Resort. Elen resort is under construction today but they accommodate visitors. Most of the ares and rooms are underconstruction for beautification . Accommodation , cottages and rooms are almost the same as Ladlad resort.What to expect:Well i can say alot of adventures awaits you. Patag caters not just cold weather  but a total package adventure. You can do:*Skyline for cliff hangers.* Explore flora and fauna,*Encounter endemic species such as the spotted dear and several birds that can only be seen here and onl in tha Phillipines. According to until now more species can be seen in Brgy. Patag.

Philippine Pgymy Woodpecker                                                                   Metallic Pigeon*Visit Japanese underground tunnels.*Take a photo with war artifacts.                                                                    War Artifacts*Visit the friendship shrine that commemorates the heroism of the WWII veterans. *Sullfur springs.*Enchanted caves and*Several waterfalls like pulang tubig (red water). A waterfall that according to legend , many died in that area thats why it was called pulang tubig which means red water. But the truth behind that legend is the red stones that reflects in water which makes the water becomes red.                                                                    Pulang Tubig* Another waterfall is dumalabdab falls.*The dam is also a must visit water fall. Before it was planned to operate the dam to supply electricity but it was not operational today. The place has a couple of waterfalls that will make you enjoy the place. Make sure to ask for a guide if you want to visit those waterfalls its so dangerous and the way is so narrow and slippery.                                                                       Scene at Dam* Another great place to visit is the tinagong dagat. You must prepare yourself if you want to get there the place is about 6 hrs. from the proper of Brgy. Patag. The place is so magnificent that will replenish your  your body soul. Local said that it is enchanted because there are times that the whole area is filled with water (remember it is a mountain). So make sure it is summer when you plan to visit the place.

San Diego Pro-cathedral

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The San Diego Pro-cathedral ( St. Didacus Parish Church) formerly known as San Diego Parish Church is an early 20th century church. It was completed in 1927. In that year the church was also inaugurated . Located at the very heart of the city of Silay just beside the Silay City Hall and fronting Silay City public Plaza.

The ruins of old churchThe parish of Silay was established in 1776 it is built from light materials such as bamboo, nipa palm (a local palm) and cogon grass. But unluckily it fell into ruin by fire. Fr. Eusebio Locsin initiated the construction of a permanent church made of stone and wood in 1841. In 1925 a more grander structure is meant to replace the old church.

The ruins of the oldc hurch today is just at the back of the Pro-cathedral where the prayer room is located. The altar is still visible until now.The Prayer RoomA wealthy sugar baron and a resident of Silay, Don Jose R. Ledesma and his family, donate a substantial funds needed to build the new edifice. Locals and parishioners donated to complete the church of Silaynon’s. Lucio Bernasconi, an Italian architect was picked to design the new church.Bernasconi based his design in his native Italy. The church layout is in the shape of a Latin Cross, with a cupola rising forty meters above the nave.


The dome with its big cross lighted up at night and serve as a beacon to seafarers. In 1938 the Montilibano family donated the clock for the church. Almost  noting change since then. The parish maintained it well to preserved for the future. Its bells and fence is still original.Monsignor Camilo gregorio, Bishop of the Diocese of Bacolod declared the San Diego Parish Church as Pro-cathedral on December 25, 1994. It is the second Catholic Church to be declared as Pro-cathedral in the Philippines after San Miguel Pro-cathedral of San Miguel, Manila. San Diego Pro-cathedral is the only Pro-cathedral outside Manila.

Remembering Cory C. Aquino

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in  revolutionToday we are commemorating the death of a very brave and intelligent woman, a woman of integrity and passion, a mother of Democracy. María Corazon Sumulong “Cory” Cojuangco- Aquino was born on January 25,1933 served as the 11th President of the Philippines the very first lady President in the Philippines and also in Asia. Married to Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. She contribute so much in our history that she called the “Mother of Philippine Democracy”.


She led the People Power Revolution in 1986 , which toppled the 21 year authoritarian rule of President Ferdinand Marcos. Cory was a religious woman, a woman of faith and love. She love to paint rosary, flowers and etc. PH’s first lady president died on August 1, 2009 after losing a battle with colon cancer.

Even she is not with us today but her name and deeds will never be vanish. The legacy she left us will always be remember. Hope that more will follow her heroic deeds and more Cory will continue to fight for her country and country men.According to Lacierda ” one of the greatest things we have learned from Corazon C. Aquino is the work that it takes to maintain and imprvoe a working democracy. So as we celebrate the life she lived, we remain cognizant of the challenges that persist.

We thank Cory Aquino once more, while at the same time realizing that the truest expression of gratitude would be continuation of her work-creating in this country a democracy that is better, stronger, and even more inclusive.”